Omron Compact Inverter 3G3JE

Omron Compact Inverter 3G3JE

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Omron Compact Inverter 3G3JE

A Compact Inverter with a Simplified Design and Easy Installation

  • The same compact size (width: 55 mm) for all models from 0.1 to 0.4 kW.

  • Simplified installation using DIN Track. No mounting brackets required.

  • Mount side-by-side (ambient temperature: 45oC max.).

  • Easy-to-wire main circuits.

  • Models with CompoWay/F communications also available.

  • Control mode easily set by simply selecting an application.

  • Built-in inrush current suppression circuit.

  • Accumulated operating time function for preventive maintenance of equipment.

  • Handles temperature controller voltage output signals.

  • Conforms to international standards (CE (T V certified).